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History Of The Rock Menagerie...

The Rock Menagerie was reborn on KTCU-FM 88.7 in June 1992. The name "Rock Menagerie" was coined by its host in 1981, partially influenced by the "Menagerie" episode of Star Trek. The show's original FM 88.7 timeslot was Saturday nights before moving to Saturday mornings, Tuesday late night and finally settling on Sunday nights. The Rock Menagerie and other KTCU specialty shows were featured in a 1994 Fort Worth Star-Telegram article.

The Rock Menagerie has evolved from its beginnings as an outlet for album tracks to theme-based playlists with each week's music sharing a common bond. Past highlights include the Halloween theme nights and Fantasy Concerts as well as the nights where the songs were about dogs, Good Lovin' Gone Bad, Hollywood or Mother's Day for example.

The music featured on the Rock Menagerie is generally up-tempo rock and roll songs from 1964 to present. The playlist includes all genres of rock and roll. On a given Sunday night, you might hear several of these musical classifications: heavy metal, jazz fusion, bubble gum, new wave, stadium rock, novelty songs, comedy bits, country rock, psychedelic, etc.

As the only locally produced weekly rock and roll archive show in Fort-Worth, the Rock Menagerie airs a significantly higher number of different rock and roll songs than offered elsewhere. Over 13,900 different song titles have been aired as of October 2009, easily the Best Value in Rock 'N Roll Variety in the Metroplex!

On April 14, 2002, the first pass through the playlist was finally completed with a total of 11802 song titles! Immediately, another pass through the playlist began.

A companion program, Sunday Seventies Sojourn, was added for the Summer 2000. This program featured 70's songs heard on previous Rock Menageries. Most weeks a single year's music was featured.